Can you see my panty lines?

15 May

Right now I feel like I am trying on a dress that I haven’t worn since the pre-Ari days. I am standing in the mirror to see if everything is where it is supposed to be and overall I am asking myself–does this still FIT?!?!

Thanks to Facebook in keeping me in touch with so many of the women who were a part of my earlier blogging days that I finally have the motivation to try this dress back on. You know what–this dress is starting feel REALLY GOOD!

I’ve got the dress back on but I am not sure where to go out just yet. You see, so much has changed but overall the theme of the old dress is still there. I’ve got my hubby and my child-who is now 18 months old! We are less a dog-Poppy. We had to give her away. BUT-don’t be sad. We found an excellent home for her. Poppy is literally 5 minutes away from us. We have seen her once since she went to her new home-she looks fantastic and seems to be so happy.

I have a new but now not so new job. I have my awesome Mary Kay business-which I am working towards becoming Sales Director and my hubby is a not so new pilot. Life is fast and I am always tired. No matter how tired I am-I seem to make it all work. I am constantly amazed on how I function on so little sleep. In the pre-ari days, I would have been a basket case. Motherhood does the most amazing transformation of a woman.

Speaking of motherhood..In the last year, I joined a meetup group for mommies and kiddos. It’s been the best thing ever for me and Ari.Hubby is gone Fri-Monday so the play dates on the weekends gets us out and socializing.  Quickly after participating in play dates, I discovered the different categories moms fall into-you have the high stress mommies, mommies that constantly compare their development of their kid to yours( which is highly annoying especially when my own child decided he wanted to wait until he was 17 months to walk) and my favorite category of all-mommies that have a wicked sense of humor about motherhood and their kids.

I strive to be in the last category. Life is a lot easier that way and much more fun!

I hope in this next chapter of my blog I can share the sense of humor side of mother, wife and business womanhood. Now that the dress is back on, I think the next step is to re-tool the accessories to make it more me and who I am today.


2 Responses to “Can you see my panty lines?”

  1. Rusti May 15, 2011 at 1:15 pm #

    YAY!!! I’m so happy you posted – and I just want to say “Momma, you look damn good in this dress!” 😉 I hope you continue to wear it as you find new ways to wear & accessorize it! Sorry that you had to give Poppy away – yay for her being so close, and her being happy in her new home. I’m happy for you finding the mom-community, and have no doubts that you’re going to fit into that last category with ease! Hope to see you in this dress more often lady! love ya!! xoxo

  2. Jennifer May 19, 2011 at 5:46 pm #

    I have to agree with Rusti on this one Heather, but then again, I can’t really imagine you NOT looking good in your dress! I have missed you so much and our bloggy friendship. I truly do think of you often. I hope to “see” more of you and your beautiful dress!! ❤

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