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Operation take back the garden

5 Apr

That was my day today.  “Take back the garden” day.  My 10×10 square was overun by the worst weeds known to man, oxalis. I hate oxalis. It overruns my front and back yard. Eli and I this year decided that we would just let it be during the rainy season because frankly there isn’t much we can do about it until the weather starts to dry up, which now it is starting to.

Finally after few hours of pulling and pulling weeds, my garden was finally starting to look familiar again.  Once the ground was clear, I  tilled the soil with my rake. It was good to see the dark, rich soil that was buried beneath all the weeds.

Last year I didn’t grow too much. I experiemented with beans, a cucumber plant (which I ended up killing, by accident),  and basil (which totally was burned up by the sun). The only thing I kept going were the beans. Those things are hearty suckers! Since they grow in abundance, it was fun to give to friends and neighbors.

I bought seedling packets back in January so when this day  finally arrived, I would be ready. I planted spinach, broccoli, scallions and beans.  I also planted tomatoes but I have to start them off separately.  Since learning that basil can’t handle direct sun, I bought an indoor pot of oregano and basil to grow on my window sill in the kitchen.

Hopefully all of this will work this year and I will have some yummy vegetables to feed eli and I this summer