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Typical Tuesday

24 Apr
Typical Tuesday here. Eli finally got to fly this morning before heading off to his regular job ( he was in a very good mood this morning and when he got home before heading off to work). We found out that we can get on my company’s health insurance if E should decide to quit his job and fly full-time. That was a huge weight off my shoulders. Now we are starting to look into a second car..beater car actually. He will commuting to Riverside, CA and while I work from home, my job does require me to meet with candidates and clients. I have already managed to double book our current car a few times. So it will be nice to be a two car family instead of one.

So without us really saying YES, we are going to do this, I think we are well on our way to do actually having him quit. AHHHHH. kind of crazy.

On another note we are doing date night tomorrow. The Newport Beach Film Festival is going on right now. I went and saw Klunkerz on Sunday. It was great! All about how the sport of mountain biking started and its evolution. It is crazy to think that these name brands of bikes such as Gary Fisher and Specialized Bikes actually played a real life role in getting mountain biking to what it is now.

So E and I are going to see a movie at 8:30pm. I am not sure which one he picked out since he rattled off about 10 he wanted to see. I was working when he was naming everything, so nothing processed on what he chose. So I guess it will be a nice surprise. Should be nice to get out for a bit since our week days are usually all over the place with his crazy schedule.

Off to watch my latest addiction…Search for the next Pussycat Doll. I think tonight is the finale! Go Melissa R!!


6 Months Ago Today

22 Apr

we were marrid on sunday, october 22, 2006 at 4pm. What a wonderful, happy, amazing day that was. What a road we have traveled since then. So far the road’s been good. Filled with tons of laughter and tears (mostly my tears..tears of adjustment to my new surroundings). We are learning so much about each other. My mom was right that this move will bring us closer and closer. I already feel so close to him, even more so then the day we were married. I am learning so much about me and how I handle situations. We are trying to learn to adjust to Eli’s opposite schedule to mine. And how that is going to be our life from here on out.

We are coming up on big decision on whether or not we can afford to have E quit his job to flight train full-time so that he can finish up his flight program in 90 days rather then 10 months. It is an interesting feeling to have on your shoulders that your earnings will be the one to sustain the lifesyle or rather pay the bills. I have a new found respect for men and women who soley provide for their family. I feel like one big ADULT.

The are many upsides to doing this and I have a feeling we will be able to do this once we take a look at our financial situation, figure out how we can get a second car and health insurance coverage. This does put our house search on hold for now and possibly our one year anniversary vacation plans. I do believe the sacrafice and compromise will be worth it.

It Happened

19 Apr

after 6 months of marriage it finally happened…

I screwed up dinner…bad! real bad.

Eli is on the phone with pizza man…I hope it gets here before Grey’s starts.

Celebrity What?

16 Apr

It was another crazy, hectic and very fun weekend. Friday night, Eli did his first night flight and ended up getting all of his hours in that are required for night flying. He is now up to 25 hours! To get his private pilot’s license he needs 40 so he is a little more the halfway there! Saturday we got up, headed to the airport to fly up to the bay area for a wedding. The wedding was nice, the bride and groom looked so happy. There were a couple of mishaps…two bridesmaids fainted. One during the ceremony and the other afterwards. Both were okay. The reception was at a beautiful country club in Berkeley. The view was amazing! As the reception went on, it seems as though I was the only one who was enjoying the open bar. As a result, I became chatty Kathy! I think my solitude in OC has caught up with me b/c anyone that I could have a conversation with, i did and I kept talking and talking…oye!

Sunday the A’s were playing the Yankees. We managed to score tickets and made a mad dash to the game. The seats were amazing! The day was amazing and the best part is that the A’s won in the bottom of the ninth inning, 2 outs and two men on base and marco scurato hit a 3 run walk off home run to end the game! After the game we headed to the airport to catch our flight back down to Orange County. As we were walking, a guy behind us was chatting us up. I had my Nick Swisher
tee shirt on and the guy was like, you guys big swisher fans. I turned around and nodded my head when E was saying yes but now she is starting to dig on Travis Buck
This guy was like, yeah, I know those guys, they are great. “T” is a stud and will be a stud for a long time. Now it didn’t quite register with us what this guy was saying. For all we knew, he could know these guys and it didn’t dawn on us that he was an oakland A player as well.

We get our seats and we were chatting with a guy in front of us about the game and how wondefully exciting it ended. The guy was like, did you see Bobby Crosby in the airport. We were like no! Then as we relived the conversation with that guy and how he was asking about us being Swisher fans, etc that was indeed Bobby Crosby! Both us of were like DOH! i can’t believe we didn’t recognize who were talking to. As soon as we got home, we logged onto the A’s website and looked up Crosby. Sure enough, it was him. DAMN!

Not a Good Day For News

12 Apr

today was not a good day for fact it was a horrible news day. I found out that two separate individuals who have nothing to do with each other may have cancer. In both cases we won’t find out until next week until the pathology reports come in. Please keep them in your prayers..