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Pool Bar Jims

27 Jun

I am off to Hilton Head Island, SC. I leave tomorrow night on the red eye from LA to Atlanta and then Atlanta to HHI. I am going for a wedding of a college friend. None of the guys are going, it is just us girls and the kids. This wedding kicks off the last of my 3 remaining girl friends (from College) to get married. M could not have picked a better place to celebrate her marriage. HHI is a little sleepy town. The people are friendly and everything is cheap! And it is where every Ohioan goes for their summer vacations. During the summer months on this little island all you see are minivans with Ohio license plates. Ohioans literally invade the place! I had the pleasure of being introduced to this little getaway when I was in college. I lived there for a summer with 7 of my best girl friends. That was the best summer of my life. Waitressing and laying out on the beach EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I even managed to bring home some money for the next school year. ahhh such the life. It will be a nice 4 day weekend to be with my girls and now their little additions–we were laughing as we were planning out our next few days and that we are now planning our mayhem around naptime—my how things have changed 🙂 It will be a nice getaway–as things are changing again at the Robbins’ Nest. I can’t talk about it now but will be able to talk about it in few months. Nope, not preggers. (sorry mom)


Elevation 5000ft

24 Jun

Setting: San Bernadino Mtns

Who: Lacy, H, Geoff

What: Mountain biking

When: Today


My Niece

23 Jun

My little niece is making her way into the world today! I can’t wait to hear when she has finally made her entrance! E is about ready to hop the next southwest flight to Chicago to go meet little Raelyn.

I can’t wait to see how he reacts when he meets this little girl. The Robbins’ boys stand no chance when beautiful girls are in the room.

Raelyn Clara Robbins
June 23, 2007
8lbs, 7oz
21 inches long

Everyone is doing great! My SIL and Raelyn go home tomorrow.

” Wow!” ” Your really durable”

18 Jun

this is a direct quote from my co-worker after I fell down a flight of stairs at the airport with luggague in hand on Saturday afternoon in Chicago. Prior to my fall, I commented to myself that my suitcase was really heavy and I didn’t remember it being that heavy when I flew out to Chicago. As I was having this conversation with myself, my heel got caught up in my cuff of my jeans and I said to myself..heather you are going down. Sure enough, I did.

Luckily no broken bones. Just a few nice bruises strategically placed on my body.

No Tears

13 Jun

 I did it. I made it through my dentist appointment. I didn’t cry, whine or scream while the nice dentist man cleared away all the yucky gunk. I even made an appointment for next month to give my pearly whites a deep clean. That is major progress

No Barf Bag Needed

10 Jun

After a slow start this morning–aka…low cloud cover. Eli and I were finally able to take our first plane ride together with Eli as the pilot. First off, let me tell you these little cesesnas are not for the weary. It is a tiny-ass plane. About the size of a two-seater car. We flew from Long Beach Airport to Catalina Island. Catalina is just off the coast of Long Beach, California.

One thing I did learn is that my cute husband is a very safe pilot–very thorough on his pre-flight. He walked me through everything that he was doing during the pre-flight. He also pointed out the various instruments and what they do/mean. We borrowed a head set so that we could talk to each other. I also was able to hear the control tower chatter–very cool! Take off was pretty cool–I had to get used to the wind knocking us around a bit–I felt like I was on an amusemnt park ride–especially at times when my stomach dropped. We climbed to about 6500 ft and cruised.

Landing at Catalina was good. I usually get nervous when a 737 plane is landing so I wasn’t sure how I would handle this. I did good! After we landed and park the plane we had a picnic and went for a hike. The scenary was gorgeous. It was nice to spend sometime with him this weekend..we’ve or rather he has been going non-stop since we moved out here and our time together is so limited now and will be even more limited starting next week. It was nice to finally talk about our thoughts about SoCal, ideas for us in the next 1 to 3 years..etc.We only got to hike for an hour due to the guy I borrowed the head set from was flying at 5pm.

The flight back was good as well. The wind was knocking around even more. This time I did get a little nervous and was holding onto my shoulder belt. Eli had to ask me a few times if I was okay. All he kept saying to me was babe–you are doing good. I had to remind myself that Eli was in control and it was just the wind. Once again the landing was great. I logged 1.2 hours of flight time!!!

To top off the great weekend, we made scallops wrapped in bacon and shrimp all grilled on the BBQ and we opened and finished a bottle of red wine. hee hee!
Here are some pictures of our adventure…

Still Sore

8 Jun

I am loving the encouragement! I am so thankful that I have a new found friend and someone who is more gym motivated then I will ever be in my life time! However, it is quite funny that I am still hobbling around like I am 9 months pregnant or just had a wild eveing with my husband..unfortunately neither of it is true. I mean seriously folks, my under butt cheeks hurt. I didn’t realize that COULD hurt.

E and I are starting to have a social life!!! Last night, I met Lacy for our workout..thankfully my upper body is not as sore as my lower half. I came home and met up with E and a friend of his from work and we went to the batting cage. Still not sore and can still hit a baseball and a softball!! Haaaaay! Then went out for apps and a beer–totally ruined the workout on mozeralla sticks, nachos and honey blond beer–mmmmm good! It was good to get out and socialize!

This weekend–E is home with me!! YAY!!! We get to start the morning off with my routine of going to Yoga and my favorite teacher is teaching so I am more then excited. After that we are headed up to LA to meet our friend who is doing the Aids Ride. It is 500 and some miles ride from San Fransisco to LA to raise awareness for aids research. She arrives in LA so we are going to greet her with Fat Tire Beers and a huge hug. E did this ride two years ago and his experience inspired her to do the ride. I am hoping she enjoyed the experiene b/c the texts that she was sending E did not sound like she had a good time. Hopefully she did.

Sunday-we are going to fly. 🙂 Very excited about that. He said he has the plane rented from 10-4pm so hopefully the weather co-operates-meaning no clouds or very little clouds because he isn’t instrument rated yet and can only fly when the sky is clear. Come on SoCal weather!!!!