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Today is the Day

29 Mar

Happy thursday! I am still in my PJ’s working…gotta love working from home!
Eli is on his way to his first SOLO flight! I think you all might know that Eli is training to become a commerical pilot. We have a long road ahead of us before he gets there but it certainly is not going to be without some great milestones. Today being one of them! He was supposed to do this on Tuesday but we had some horrible winds…gusting up to 70-80 miles per hour so that meant Eli did not get to fly until today…I think he took a favorite tee-shirt of his to let go while in the air…not sure about this one–I remember him casually mentioning it is a tradition for first time solo flights you drop something out of the plane. okie dokie! I just hope he brought another t-shirt with him.

I can’t wait to see him after today. He is going to be on fire! Every time he comes home from flying his face is all lit up, it is so wonderful to see. In my business people talk about how passionate they are about their work, but to talk about it and actually see it written all over someone’s face are two very different things. I am so grateful that he has found his true calling!

Here is the link of pictures from his first solo flight. He is going to make a very hot pilot! 🙂


Penny For Your Thoughts

27 Mar

It has been a quiet few days. This weekend equally as quiet as we did not have any visitors in town. It was nice to have some down time as I got to catch up with my family and my MIL. E is moving forward with his pilot training and will be going on his first solo flight tomorrow. He was supposed to go today but it was so windy here in southern california that it was unsafe for him to up. I hope tomorrow he can go up because I know how much he is looking forward to doing this. I have this new thing when friends and family are so scared for him to be a pilot and I always say, I’d rather have him fly then ride a motorcycle. It seems to work as I always have that other person agree with me. 🙂 He was on this kick for a while to get a motorcycle and I think I have successfully talked him out of it.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. I am heading back to Chicago. This will be the first trip back since I moved. I am a little nervous about how I feel especially when Sunday rolls around and I have to come back. But as my best friend Cari put it, I have come so far here and have a wonderful life here that I should be fine to leave again. It is going to be a whirl wind weekend. I have an engagement party friday night, bridal bonazza on saturday as both of my two closets friends are in the midst of wedding planning so I finally get caught up with all the planning details and am able to see their dresses! I am so excited! I need to remember to pack some kleenex! Saturday night I am meeting up with another friend for her 30th birthday party. I am hoping to come back with some fun stories.

Looks like Louie my cat is needing some attention and I need to decide if I am going to head to the grocery store or let E do it tomorrow afternoon….hmmmmmmm

Making New Friends and Wishing the Old Ones Were Right Here With You

21 Mar

I just got off the phone with my co-worker (we both work from home) and we were discussing what it is like to make new friends at the ages we are. ( we both just relocated to sunny and warm southern California. Her a year or so ago and me just a shy 4 months ago.) I was telling her about my dilemma that a girl I met through mutual friends stopped returning my phone calls. Now my co-worker seems to think that something could be up with the girl or she is out of town, etc. etc.

I am starting to think that making friends is a lot like dating…..I have in my head the author of the book “he’s just not that into you” in my mind. But seriously…you and new friend A get together on occasion and depending on how great the time is or the types of conversations you have determines whether or not you are going to consider that person your friend or not. And when they start to not return your phone calls, especially after TWO invites out…I think this means, she is not that in to me…as a friend. Oh well.

Or either I getting karma payback from a guy who wanted to “be just friends with me” but continued to stalk me. I told him that I had enough friends and when I needed one more, I would give him a call. OUCH!

Anyway…I am moving forward and reaching out to other potentials who could possibly be my friend. I have joined a women’s moutain biking group (well, I am still waiting for my membership to be approved) and I have developed a myspace page to see if there are fun people around this area. Though the myspace page has proven to be quite scary as oddly enough I am attracting sex kittens who want to be my friend. Not so much!

Thank goodness I am heading to Chicago next weekend to be with all my warm, caring, friends for life friends! 🙂

Weekend Warriors

18 Mar

What a weekend… We had friends in town this weekend…again. And it was definitely fun. We are getting better and better at entertaining 🙂 This weekend we hit Newport beach and hung out a bar called blackies. IT was perfect as we didn’t hit too much of the young st paddy’s crowd. We had a booth the entire time and were able to sit and talk to each other. Last night we headed into Korea town, a part of LA which I had never been to. We did Karoke, a first for me! The microphone is quite addicting. I definitely was waging a war with my inner shyness and not wanting to be in the center of attention to wanting to belt out a madonna song and hope that i sound decent. Today I discovered a new place to hike…actually E discovered it and shared it with me. I took two of our friends who were still on the hike. It was nice to spend time with them as they are E’s friends from growing up so it was nice to learn more about each other.

St Patty’s Day

16 Mar

This is my first st patty’s day away from chicago! what is a girl going to do with out the ceremonial green (flourscent) died river or all the chicago irish out and about for st patrick’s day. My hope is that southern california or rather orange county has some good irish bars to go hang out at. Otherwise, I think next year I am booking a ticket back to chicago to spend St patty’s day there!

My First Blog

12 Mar

Hi there! I am new to this and am a little unsure of what to do but I am going to take a stab at this. We just had one heck of a weekend! We were in Arizona for spring training…Go A’s! We were with a few friends and just had a great time all weekend. We tailgated, soaked up some sun and watched baseball! I am so happy baseball season has started. It means that spring and summer are right around the corner. However, now that we live in Southern California is spring and summer all the time! Which makes me very happy! We got back late last night, so I am dragging today and I am very burnt! I got a little too excited about the sun and really wasn’t careful about the sun screen.
We are back to the daily grind this week. Though we did go check out a condo. We are starting the house hunting process so this should be least I hope so.