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Latest facebook fad

31 Jan

I did my 25 things–thanks Renee! So for those of you who are not on facebook, here it is.

1) I’ve lived in seven states. Five of those states were before the age of 13.
2) I was 6 weeks premature and my parents didn’t think I was going to make it.
3) My favorite animal is the giraffe. I think it is because I am short and I love how tall they are.
4) I met my husband three times before we got together. The third meeting we were actually set up my by friend Ramie from college, who is now my sister in law.
5) I think my husband is the greatest guy ever.
6) My husband looks hot in his pilot uniform!
7) I never imagined owning a house in california but we do!
8) I’ve been arrested once.
9) I am a wanna be athelete. I’ve completed a triathalon, 1/2 marathon, and a 100 mile bike ride. In reality I don’t enjoy working out.
10) I love, love to drink wine but don’t have the patience to learn about it
11) I think some of my friends are the most hiliarous people I know.
12) I love to blog.
13) I cry when I am happy, sad, angry or frustrated.
14) I look forward to being a parent.
15) I wished I lived closer to my parents.
16) I went to cuba in november and it was the most eye-opening experience for me.
17) I constantly push myself to better and sometimes it is exhausting!
18) I don’t enjoy being around negative people
19) My fingers are double jointed and it reminds me of E.T.
20) I like to think I am funny.
21) There is something to be said about people from OHIO. It makes me miss home so much!
22) I’ve started listening to country music and I love it.
23) When I am cooking in the kitchen, I have a tendency to leave all the cubbard doors open and my husband follows me around closing them.
24) I am trying to be better about picking up after myself. I know I am going to have to set a good example for my kids someday.
25) My friends are my angels.


Brotherly Love

28 Jan

bryans-wedding-0151Next week I have my company annual meeting in Seattle.  The annual company meetings are usually a good time.  My company knows how to do things right in saying thank you to their employees.  Despite the rough economic times, they still know and can do it right. Friday is our actual meeting and Saturday morning I am free to do as I please. In order to make the most of the weekend, I’ve made plans to go hang with my brother and sister in law. My bro will be busy with his reserve duty weekend obligations so I will get to have my sis in law all to myself until he gets home .  I am giggling with excitement!

My brother and I are not close but we are working on it. I like to think we are doing a damn good job at it to0. We try to call each other as often as we can and actually TALK.  I am the more social one and he is the one that answers with one or two syllable words.  Our conversations don’t last long but at least we aren’t bickering at one another. I know the weekend will be good for all of us. I think most of all me.

Life with cameras always in my face

26 Jan
Whatchou looking at?

Whatchou looking at?


26 Jan

I have a list a mile long of things I need to accomplish.  I did accomplish one thing on that list tonight. It was make dinner.  Yes, I am that lazy.  The other things on that list I decided to ignore. What I did instead. Well, you are looking at it. I’ve created my new blog home. I just spent the last two hours on word press when I could have been doing a number of things. One of them was work out. I just weighed myself. I really should have worked out tonight. Oh well.  I will just add it to the list of tomorrow’s to do items.


24 Jan

The wonders of wifely nudging can accomplish a lot. Lately, what I’ve been able to accomplish by my nudging is getting Eli to start a blog. He constantly comes home with hilarious stories and I just love his child-like humor on certain subjects. So without further ado, here is Eli’s blog.

7 things you didn’t know about me

21 Jan

 finally finished reorganizing the bathroom. Actually, it was the cabinet under the sink that I reorganize. Eli re-orged the medicine cabinet this past weekend when he was home. So, now that is finished, I can post. 🙂

I was tagged by my dear friend Queen Lindstifa to do a meme. So here it is, 7 things you didn’t know about me.

1) I have the tendacy to be lazy.
This is something that unless you really know me, like my husband knows me, it doesn’t outwardly come through. At least, I don’t think it does. It tends to come out at home. I put off cleaning, putting away laundry,unpacking my suitcase and the latest, reorganizing the bathroom cabinet. Thankfully, Eli doesn’t nag me about it but I think he is on to me by telling me I have to accomplish something around the house before I can do something that I really enjoy. Me thinks he is going to be a good dad someday!

2) I have quit and started smoking more times that I can count on my hands and toes.
This is something that I am not proud of. I usually hide that I smoke unless I am with other people who do. Smoking is a habit that I have had since my senior year in high school. In the last few years, I’ve stopped smoking during the day and only did it when I am drinking or stressed. This year so far, I am proud to say I have not touched a cigraette. I guess coming down with a nasty cold right after christmas was a good thing because it has made me not smoke in 3 weeks. I want to promise that I can keep it up. I am just afraid I am going to buckle.

3)I am okay with who I am. Finally!
All through my twenties, I strived to climb the corporate ladder. All I wanted was to be this amazing career minded person who did amazing things and made oodles and oodles of money. I would look at my friends, who in my mind, were these successful, high salary earning women and constantly compare myself to them. In my eyes I never measured up. I let it eat away at my self-confidence. So much, that I don’t think I let myself see that I was that successful person that I always wanted to be. It wasn’t until this past Thanksgiving, when I had a long talk with Eli about who I am and what I want to do with my life, did the self doubt and the negative voices finally go away. I realize now that I measure success differently. It’s not whether or not I earn a 6 figure salary. It’s if I feel fullfilled at the end of the day and whether or not I made a difference in someone’s life. I’ve also come to terms with that it is just too hard to be perfect and I shouldn’t try so hard to be. Life is much more fun and funnier when I admit my shortcomings.

4)I don’t miss Chicago
I miss my friends and wish I could see them more often. Especially since one of my good friends is pregnant, however, I don’t miss living there. It’s not about the cold weather either. It plays a part but I think the biggest reason why I don’t miss living there is that I would probably still be comparing myself to others. Moving out of Chicago gave me the biggest growth internally then I ever thought it would. Living here in the bay area continues to give me glimpses into a simplier life. I marvel over the people in our circle of friends who do not care about material things, lavish vacations, or how much money the have. Some of these friends are probably very well off but you would never know it. I love the grounding it has given me.

5) I’ve come to terms with Eli being gone but I hate it when I have to kiss him goodbye.
It always amazes me how much I hate it when he leaves. It’s that moment, when I have to say goodbye and knowing that he isn’t going to be home for a week that I just loathe. Usually after that first day of him being gone, I am okay. Everytime, he leaves I always say “come back home to me.”

6) I love malted milk balls
They are my absoulte favorite chocolate snack. I don’t indulge myself often enough on these chocolate goodness. When I do, it is heaven.

7) I love red wine.
enough said.

If you want to participate, consider yourself tagged.


20 Jan

It’s an interesting feeling when you think you are experiencing something and how all of a sudden your thoughts and feelings shift. You look differently at your life, your partner and even yourself. The goals that you are working towards change direction.

You discover that you are okay with the change in direction. Even though you try to keep one or both feet tied to reality, you can’t help but get lost in the excitement and anticipation of believing it is real.

Reality hits and hits hard. What you thought was real is not. You wonder if what you were experiencing was due to your mind and heart playing tricks on you. Playing into the deep down hope and wish that it was indeed true.