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Happy Halloween

31 Oct

Happy Halloween! I am just hanging out waitin for the ghouls and goblins to come ring the doorbell. I am also waitin to hear from my in-laws who are in town with my 15 month old niece. I couldn’t get off work in time to go trick or treating–boo hoo!
So, I am hoping I can at least catch her in her Lion costume. I am trying to wait patiently but waiting patiently is not my strong suit. Especially if I want to get somewhere. Anyhoo, I am getting off point.

While it’s Halloween, it is also our year anniversary of when E and I received the keys to our home! Last year, we bought a bunch of candy, got take out & wine and had a picnic on our living room floor. Not a piece of furniture in sight! It was spectacular. We just sat there in awe of our new home and wondered about our neighbors and all the kids that were coming to our door.

It’s been a fun year in this house. We successfully christened every room. (Blush) BTW: the house is only 900 sq ft. Added a dog, a big dog at that and some a couple pieces of new furniture. We are getting better at keeping the yard up and have learned to turn our head to the winter weeds that are starting to sprout this time of year. We still have some improvements that need to be made. Though I have no idea where the cash is going to come from to do all of those improvements. Now, I understand why they were never done in the first place!

Here is to another Halloween! Hope everyone is having so much fun!