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Half crying, half laughing and usually stuffing my face

28 May

The sentence above pretty much sums me up right now. I am moody and always hungry.  I listen to country music most of the time and lately some of these songs are having me produce such alligator tears that I think I might need to start listening to something else on my way to work.  Other then that I am doing pretty good. 

Over memorial day weekend, I went to Des Moines to see my parents and my grandmas. It was such a nice weekend. Definitely needed! I haven’t seen my mom since I was at their house during Christmas. We had a chance to look at cribs and other baby stuff. It is so hard being so far away from her. I find myself struggling more emotionally with my mother in law because she is here and my own mother isn’t. Does anyone know if skype is expensive? I am thinking that I would like to buy my parents a year’s subscription when the baby is born so they can have a chance to see the little pumpkin as often as they wish.

I have to share this with you. Eli’s birthday was in May and as I was writing in his card, I wanted to write, I am so happy to have you in my life. But what I wrote, I am so happy to have you in my lunch.  I started dying laughing. I didn’t even cross it out and finished the sentence with “oops! I guess I am hungry, I should probably go eat lunch.”  When he read it, he lost it and of course I did too. Tears were streaming down our faces. This is definitely something that will go in the pregnancy scrapbook for sure!


3 popsicles later

17 May

Today for some reason I cannot take the heat. I tried to lay out in the backyard but just couldn’t do it.  I’ve spent the whole day in my bedroom because it is the coolest room in the house and we have a ceiling fan.  Talk about LAZY!! I did manage to get some stuff done. I  organized my new business. I decide to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant! I am excited about it as I love makeup and taking care of my skin. Plus I am so impressed with the products, the brand and their customer service. The possibility to make some extra cash is a great bonus as well. Especially now that we have a little one on the way and we will be losing a good portion of my salary when I am on maternity leave. Here  is my personal website   I invite you to cruise the site and see what types of products MK has to offer. I’d be happy to answer any questions!!

I found out on Monday at the doctor that I am not allowed to garden. I am so bummed about this, especially because nothing took off this year. I had plans to re-till the garden and start over. Now I am just not sure what to do.  I am half-tempted to get Eli to dig up the soil, lay down a  plastic barrier so we can kill the weeds that grow during the wet season and call it over with until next year when I can get my hands in the soil. At least next year, I will have a little helper at my side–well kind of–mostly just an observer 🙂 Still can’t believe that we are having a little one.

I’ve started having some strange dreams. Last night was about my teeth failing out and the doctor shoving new ones back in my mouth and I was worried about how much it would cost us because my dental insurance isn’t that great. 

I’ll end this post with a write up about a funny dream I had earlier in the first trimester. I am keeping a baby blog and had written this down.  I shared the dream with my mom the next day and I could barely get through explaining it to her because I was laughing and crying at the same time. 

My dream was set in the grocery store, I had you in my arms. I was frantic because I didn’t have anything ready for you and I was looking all over the place for Johnson and Johnson shampoo and lotion. As I was hurrying all over the store, I was holding you so tight that you deflated. You were literally flat, 1 dimensional! One of the store clerks helped me locate the shampoo and lotion and I kept praying that she wouldn’t ask me what your name was because I couldn’t remember it. The only name that kept coming in my head was Raelyn and that is your cousin’s name! At the same time, I had loosen my hold on you and you started inflate again. Looking like a real baby!

The dream ended abrubtly by my alarm clock.  I woke up laughing knowing I had to remember this dream and to write it down for you and me.

Have a great weekend, dear internet.

One word can change your life

15 May

The morning of March 19th at 630am, I screamed to Eli to hurry come into the bathroom. The poor guy was sound asleep. My yell scared him so bad, he came running to our tiny, tiny bathroom, one eye open while asking me if I was alright. I immediately shoved the positive pregnancy test in his face and said, “LOOK!” When it registered that the test said “pregnant”, he pulled me into his arms and we just hugged each other. We were shaking with excitement and the feeling of oh my, what did we just do!

Ever since that day, our life hasn’t been the same. Overall, I’ve been feeling good, just really, really, really tired. The nausea makes its appearance every now and then. Around week 9 & 10, I thought I was going to die. One morning, I had a total meltdown and I could not go into work. Luckily, my boss is flexible and he let me work from home that day. I am now 12 weeks and I am slowly starting to regain my energy, though I am never sure how I am going to feel in the morning. The day we found out was my dad’s birthday so it was the perfect birthday present. I also shared the news with mom because there was no way I could not tell her what was going on for 12 weeks.

I think I am starting get a belly or either I am fat and bloated! Ha!! This week I had to go in to do screening for down syndrome, trisomy 18 and 21. Monday sucked because I had to get a ton of blood drawn but today was great because I got another sonogram and was able to see my little one on the big screen for about 20 minutes while the measure the necal fat on the baby’s neck. I also got to hear the heartbeat again. Such a fast little heartbeat. 165BPM. On Monday it was 160BPM. The little one was so stubborn today while the doctor was trying to get him/her into the correct position. He/she just would not cooperate. Even though it took awhile to get the measurement, I was loving every second of it.

I am due the day after thanksgiving. 11/27/09.

This is going to be an incredible ride!