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Ari Jacob

22 Nov

Ari is fast asleep in his pack and play and eli is working at the jazz club.  I figure this is a good time to share Ari’s birth story with you. I apologize for the delay in writing this. Although, I’ve been thinking about the story and writing it in my head over and over. My hope is that I do the story justice as I am not the best writer.

 As I wrote in previous posts, I’d been dealing with pre-term and early labor contractions. Heading into Ari’s birth week, I was 3 cm dilated and 90% effaced. I had contractions that Monday, Nov 2nd but like all the other times the contractions subsided and Tuesday came and went with nothing. I figured, like a watch pot never boils, a watch uterus never contracts.  About mid week that week, Eli and I decided that he would go onto Dallas for his pilot recurrent training. Eli left for Dallas that Wednesday morning. Thursday evening, we decided that he would come home after class on Friday instead of staying until Sunday to do his flight simulator test. We both felt uneasy with him being gone. 

 Since the first trip to the hospital, I had stopped communting into SF for work. Looking back on this now, I am so thankful I did that. Although at the time, I felt horribly guilty for not going into the offie.  On Friday, the 6th around noon, I started having the worst sciadica pain in both of my legs. It was so bad, I could barely concentrate on work. I moved from the kitchen into my bedroom so that I could lay in bed and to put some heat on it to see if it would help. The pain was unbearable, it put me in to tears and I had no idea I was having contractions at the same time. I finally called my MIL to come over and help me. We also called my Doula, J to come over as well. By this time, I started to feel the contractions and was timing them. Still nervous this would be a repeat of the last two times, I didn’t believe that this was real. J suggested that I get into my bathtub, where I might be more comfortable. This time it was about 215-230pm. 

Around 3pm, we decided that we needed to get me to the hospital. J and I had talk about how bad my sciadica was hurting and even though my goal was to have this baby without interventions, this was a good case for an epidural. I reluctantly agreed with her.

The car ride to the hospital was the worst car ride ever! At this point, I am in full labor. It is raining and we hit Friday early rush hour traffic. What would normally be a 15-20 min ride to the hospital was 45 minutes. I will never look at my MIL’s back seat the same again. I was literally hanging over the back seat in her station wagon, trying to breathe and feeling ever single pot hole on the 80 west freeway! We finally get to the hospital, I skip triage and they put my in an L&D room. I am now 5cm dialted and 100% effaced. We call Eli, who is at DFW to let him know what is happening. He is about to board the plane back to SFO. Meanwhile, I luck out in getting a room with a bathtub. After monitoring me and the baby for 20 minutes, my MIL and J get me back in the bathtub. I labor there for most of the time as I could not bear to be on my feet, which sucked because I knew if I could get up and walk, sway, move, I could get the baby off of whatever nerve it was on to help stop the sciadica. So instead, I had my MIL beat on my legs and back to help me cope while I held J’s hand during my contractions. While in the tub, everything starts to blur together. My friend U arrives, midwife comes in and checks me, I hear that I am almost 9cm dialated.  They get me out of the tub as I was feeling like I needed to push.  I am on the bed, I hear that I am 10cm dialated and it is time to push. My MIL, J, U hold my legs and help me to push. I swear pushing was a lot harder then I thought it would be. I couldn’t get the hang of it. I kept my eyes closed the entire time and I remembering hearing my midwife saying to me that my bag of waters never broke. I was pushing out the bag first and inside you could see the baby’s head. Once the bag, was out, my midwife broke it and I pushed Ari’s head out. Once his head and shoulders were out, my midwife had me put my hands out to grab my baby. It was so surreal. I pulled him out and onto my chest. I remember looking to see if there was a penis or vagina. Almost immediately all three woman yelled, it’s a boy right as my eyes saw it for myself.
Ari and I laid there for an hour waiting for Eli to land. At 750pm, I called Eli.He answered as the plane was taxing on the runway, I shared with him that we had a beautiful, healthy, baby boy. It was the most emotional conversation, I had ever had with my husband. I will never forget it.

I have to give props to the hospital. They allowed us to stay in the L&D room until Eli arrived, which was 9pm. Even after he arrived, we still were in the L&D room as I had wanted E to give Ari his first bath.  Once E was there, we popped the bottle of champagne, ate, celebrated the birth of our healthy little boy.

It’s been 2 weeks since Ari’s birth and things are going well. He had his well baby check up on Friday, the 20th and Ari is past is his birth weight and is up to 6lbs and 10oz.  Sleep comes and goes but overall Eli and I could not be happier. We still stare in amazement that we created this little being.

2 weeks old

One day old



12 Nov

November 6th at 6:55pm, our son Ari Jacob was born.  Our lives could not be more complete.  I have some pics up on FB and will post some here soon.  I will work on the birth story as well.


Love to you all. I am so happy!!!

3rd visit will be the charm?

2 Nov

Last night we made a trip to the hospital on the urging of my midwife.

About 520pm,  I thought my bag of waters were leaking although I really couldn’t tell besides that my underwear was soaked. I called my doula, she is a family friend, we talked about everything and we decided to hang at home for a bit. About an hour later contractions started. They were still irregualar and mild. I was going from hot to cold, threw up and other stuff. All of these are signs of real labor. My doula and I were talking and we realized that I hadn’t received the results of my group b strep test. If you are group b strep carrier, you will be given antibiotics during the birth to protect the baby. Apparently, group b strep can cause awful things to the little baby. So, we decided I would call my midwife and let her know what was going on. This was about 9pm.  Of course, the midwife said to head to triage because I needed to be check to see if my water is leaking. 2 and half hours later, it was determined that my water did not break and my contractions were still too mild and irregular to be considered real labor. I did have the nurse check me and I am now 85% effaced and 2 cm dilated. So at least there’s been progress since Tuesday when I went to my weekly check up and I lost my plug last thursday. We went to bed to try to get some sleep. My contractions picked up in regularity and intensity. There was one point when I woke eli up to rub my back because it was hurting so bad.  Then out of no where the contractions stopped. It’s been pretty quiet today. We took a long walk since it was so nice out. I am working on staying present and not getting too frustrated with the start/stop.  Eventually, I will make it to active labor and meet my little munchkin!!!