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22 weeks

22 Jul

oh my, where has the time gone. I will be 22 weeks on Friday.  Craziness!!

Let’s see where should I begin. Let’s start with the down syndrome testing. So when I last posted I was worried about the numbers and how low they were. I did go in and get a second blood screening done and sure enough, the numbers skyrocketed back up into the 3K and 6K for all of the those  chromosome disorders. Which makes me wonder if the first test was indeed 1180 instead 180. Who knows.

I did decide to switch to a midwife. Her name is sho-lee and she came highly recommended by my doula. I love this woman! Her first words to me where, my philosophy is relaxation. I swear I could have kissed her right there!!  Eli really likes her as well. Which is great. I am feeling really confident about going into labor and delivery. I’ve got a great team around me to help with my goal of going natural. I am okay if things happen and I change my mind but knowing that I have a team to support me truly makes the difference in my mind.

Eli felt the baby kick for the first time last week. We were on the couch and the baby was moving quite a bit. So I grabbed his hand and laid on my belly. After about 5 or so minutes, he felt the tiniest kick. His face lite up! It was great.  The nugget is a mover and shaker now. I am feeling the hiccups now too, which is hysterical to feel. 

My Mary Kay business is keeping me busy. I am really surprised how much I am enjoying it. I swear, my prize is to have this replace my full-time income. The more I do with this the more I am like the hell with my current job.

I am starting to get some anxiety about how fast this summer is going. I think it is because I am so busy with my regular job and the MK and eli being gone so much that the days are flying by. I really want us to get away for a few days before this baby comes. He got his August schedule and he has no weekends off. I think I am going to have to say the hell with saving my PTO days for the maternity leave and have us go on a little leave for ourselves. We deserve it!

Our digital camera broke so I have so very few pictures now. I did take a preggar pic on my phone camera. Hopefully I will make enough $$$ from MK this month to replace our broken digital. Any suggestions on a good one that can take video??


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