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Holy Cow

17 Apr

Oh my goodness. It’s been a long time since I’ve even clicked on this site let alone blog. So much has happened since I last blogged. I looked at the date I last posted and it wasn’t even Ari’s due date yet and he was just 3 weeks old.

Now the little guy is 23 weeks old. He has two bottom teeth. trying to set up and just wants to stand all the time. It is quite funny because he will get pencil straight and not bend when I try to sit him down on my lap. This little guy is growing up before my eyes.

Motherhood is amazing. I never imaged that it would be like this. It is filled with so many emotions and the only thing steadfast is my undying love for this little guy. Of course my love and commitment to my husband is right up there too.

I went back to work on Feb 22nd. Eli’s been home during the week with ari and flies on the weekend. For the first month, I swear it felt like I had my mouth up to a fire hydrant. Now, things are going alot more smoothly. I ams so proud of eli. He has done such a wonderful job with Ari and staying home with him. I come home and eli isn’t all dishelved and ari is still alive. I say this jokingly of course but it is a good measure of knowing that things are okay when I leave the house. In fact things are going so well at home, that I can’t help but sometimes to feel jealous about the things that eli gets to do with ari during the week. I know the jealously comes because I wish I could be there with the two of them when they are together.

I think now that we found a nanny share situation for thursdays and friday, these emotions that I have will change, as it will enable Eli and I to have a sunday together as a family. I miss that so much!

All in all I think we’ve adjust quite well to our new found roles as parent. TI will do my best to stay up to date with my blogging.