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Procrastination is my middle name

30 May

Not really. However, today it sure feel like it is. Eli left for a three day trip this morning. I had big plans to take care of a few things that have been hanging over my head today so that on Monday I could enjoy the day off. I was supposed to work on a client report, tie up some loose ends with my MK business and follow up on MK leads for future appointments. NONE OF IT HAPPENED.

What I did instead. Took a nap when Ari did, went on a walk halfway up the street and back with Ari which took about 30 minutes. (his legs are short¬† plus we had to stop at every single bush, flower, rock, car, etc so he could stop, point and ask what is that?) and went on a shopping trip at Target. Luckily, I got out of Target with spending less than 50 bucks-though I am sure my hubby is wondering what I purchased that would cost us 48.00. ūüėČ (Eli, I know you are reading this!)

I hate it when I get this way. I realize how unproductive it is and it only makes me “worry” about the things I need to get done. Tomorrow is a new day and clean slate to get my “stuff” done.


My First Skin Care Class

4 Jun

Tomorrow night I am hosting my first skin care class as an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay.¬† Two of my friends offered to be my first guinea pigs–i am so thankful. I have, however, consulted 3 people already either via the phone or face to face without them being able to try the product like I would normally do. All 3 were interested in the products. It was exciting and fun to share my knowledge of the products, ¬†its 45 year old history¬†and let the customer decide for herself if this would be something beneficial to them. It nice to have fun doing something again and make a little cash on the side.

I was even having some fun setting up the kitchen for tomorrow’s class.¬† I can’t wait to see how it goes and what the feedback is.

 Just as reminder I have my MK website posted as a link on the sidebar. If you are interested in hearing more about their products or interested in ordering products, feel free to reach out!!