stir crazy pregnant woman rant

24 Oct

I am annoyed. I am annoyed that I’ve been stuck at home this past week with false labor contractions. Last Friday I was in the hospital for what they think was early labor contractions. I was  given two shots of tuberline to stop the contractions and put on modified bed rest over the weekend. I am only 40% effaced and barely dialeted and everyone is telling me to rest. Which I totally understand because I don’t have a ton of energy right now and I have a commute into S*F that is starting to take a toll on me but I am soooo bored!! Plus add in anxious and  ready to pop this child out. I don’t know if I can make it another 5 weeks.

I love my co-workers to death and they have been so cool about me working from home, but if I have to explain how I am feeling one more time or whether or not I am in pain, I am going to explode. I feel like I have to justify my decision in staying off my feet and working from home. I am sure it is not meant that way but it sure feels like it.

I see my midwife on Tuesday of next week so it will be interesting to see if anything has changed from this week.

This limbo land feels like the first trimester when all you wanted to do was get to 13 weeks so you knew everyhing was okay.


Is it really October?

13 Oct

I am sitting here on the couch watching the rain come down and the trees blow in the nasty wind. I am supposed to be working but instead find myself rubbing my bowling ball of a belly and looking out the window. For some reason, I am really enjoying lately hunkering down in my home and away from the outside world. This is especially true when Eli is home. I wonder if this is part of the nesting stuff. I haven’t really gone crazy with cleaning or organizing. I did hire someone to come in a do a deep cleaning of the house and will have that person come when we are in the hospital. I just can”t bend and move like I used to!!

 I stayed home to work today because the weather was so awful and I commute by public transportation and walk 20 minutes to work. My co-worker called me and pretty much told me to stay home and don’t even bother trying to come in. Which I am really grateful for because before I stepped into the shower, I told Eli that getting to work today is going to suck. I’ve started working from home one day a week because the commute is taking such a toll on me. It is crazy how one day I will feel so good and have so much energy and then the next day I will feel like total crap. I think I am getting to the point that I am ready to have this baby. I’ve got 6 weeks to go!!

Our 3 year anniversary is next week. I think once we hit that it is really going to feel like we are in the home stretch. Eli is trying to cut down his travel days so he is only gone for 3 nights, 4 days instead of 5-10 nights/days like its been in the past. I really hope I do not go into labor when he is gone. Everytime he is home, I relax a bit as if to say, okay little one if you want to come early, come now!! Daddy is home and can take care of the both of us. I really don’t want the baby to come early but if it did, I’d rather have Eli here at home.

That is really about all on this front. Just getting ready for baby. Next week I start seeing my midwife every week so I am sure things will start to get interesting. Hopefully!


28 Aug

I cannot believe that August is drawing to a close and September begins next week! Where did the summer go? I am 27 weeks tomorrow and the baby preparations have begun!  Eli is convinced that I will deliver early so he wants to get everything done by end of October. Which is fine by me!! The crib and crib mattress arrived. We are working on cleaning out the second bedroom. We are keeping the furniture that is in there since it is our only other bedroom. When we have guests, we will give them our room and we will sleep in the nursery. The dresser is big and long enough that I can get a changer topper to put and it will suffice as diaper change table.  This definitely helps us save some money. We just need to move the desk out of the room and replace it with the crib. I am starting to look at paint colors. The nursery colors are brown, blue and white. Here is the bedding that I picked out. I am not going overboard with the turtles like  in the picture and our furniture is cherry wood. I just ordered the bedding and blanket and rug. I think it is too cute. I figure if the baby turns out to be a girl, I can in some girl colors as accents.


My girlfriends in Chicago threw me a shower. It was a perfect weekend! I’ve been hungry for some girl time for awhile now.  A friend of mine, who lives in NY surprised me and another friend of mine who just had  a baby girl in June. The theme of the shower was “Midge is having a mini me” My friends call me Midge because I am so short. The shower was held at a favorite restaurant of mine called Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. It is a tapas place that has fantastic sangria! Instead of going there for dinner like I’ve normally done, we went there for brunch. OMG the food was so good! My friends spoiled baby Robbins! I feel so blessed and thankful. After the shower, all of us headed to the pool to relax and lay out. Saturday night, my two best friends and I went out to dinner. We got to dinner at 9pm and shut down the restaurant at 1am. I can’t believe I hung that long–usually I am in bed by 10pm. It was so fun. Great conversations and reminiscing about our 20’s and the hoochy clothes we used to wear. We made a pack that for our 40th birthdays we will climb  ma*chu p*iccho.  Hard to believe that is only 6 years away! eek! After the weekend, Eli and I took a mini holiday. It was so nice to getaway and hang out with my hubby. Our plan was to head to the beach but the weather in Chicago caused Eli to be delayed from his trip by 3 hours. One of AA ‘s flight to Dallas was cancelled, which caused all sort of havoc, there was a ground stop which caused more havoc. After Eli arrived at ohare, we immediately went to the departure board and made a list of the places we could get to that night. We immediately ran to the ticket counter so we could check to see what the loads looked like on the plane and if there were any seats available. Our only two options were Austin and Tucson. We chose Tucson. We stayed at the Westin La Paloma. We used our starwood points for a free room. The resort was great. 3 pools, a swim up bar and an Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon-what more could one ask for! It was so hot and I spent most of the time in the pool. Which was awesome! We also splurged on massages. Pregnancy massages are the bomb!! I’ve had two so far and definitely think I will go for another one when I get closer to the due date. So worth the money!  Coming back to reality was hard even though I was only on vacation for two days. Now it is back to the to-do lists and work.

Here are some pics from the Chicago weekend.

Baby Shower Weekend 020

Baby Shower Weekend 029

My SIL and me-We are due two months apart

My SIL and me-We are due two months apart

6 months?!?!?

5 Aug

Here is a 6 month belly pic for your viewing pleasure. This was taken after a long day at the Oakland A’s game.  This kid must be growning like a weed because my hunger has picked up 10-fold.  I am dying to see how much I weigh at this next appointment. I’ve already hit uncharted territory for me in the weight department.  Hard to believe in one short month, I will be entering the 3rd trimester. This pregnancy is flying by!

23 weeks and 1 day

23 weeks and 1 day


6 month belly

6 month belly

22 weeks

22 Jul

oh my, where has the time gone. I will be 22 weeks on Friday.  Craziness!!

Let’s see where should I begin. Let’s start with the down syndrome testing. So when I last posted I was worried about the numbers and how low they were. I did go in and get a second blood screening done and sure enough, the numbers skyrocketed back up into the 3K and 6K for all of the those  chromosome disorders. Which makes me wonder if the first test was indeed 1180 instead 180. Who knows.

I did decide to switch to a midwife. Her name is sho-lee and she came highly recommended by my doula. I love this woman! Her first words to me where, my philosophy is relaxation. I swear I could have kissed her right there!!  Eli really likes her as well. Which is great. I am feeling really confident about going into labor and delivery. I’ve got a great team around me to help with my goal of going natural. I am okay if things happen and I change my mind but knowing that I have a team to support me truly makes the difference in my mind.

Eli felt the baby kick for the first time last week. We were on the couch and the baby was moving quite a bit. So I grabbed his hand and laid on my belly. After about 5 or so minutes, he felt the tiniest kick. His face lite up! It was great.  The nugget is a mover and shaker now. I am feeling the hiccups now too, which is hysterical to feel. 

My Mary Kay business is keeping me busy. I am really surprised how much I am enjoying it. I swear, my prize is to have this replace my full-time income. The more I do with this the more I am like the hell with my current job.

I am starting to get some anxiety about how fast this summer is going. I think it is because I am so busy with my regular job and the MK and eli being gone so much that the days are flying by. I really want us to get away for a few days before this baby comes. He got his August schedule and he has no weekends off. I think I am going to have to say the hell with saving my PTO days for the maternity leave and have us go on a little leave for ourselves. We deserve it!

Our digital camera broke so I have so very few pictures now. I did take a preggar pic on my phone camera. Hopefully I will make enough $$$ from MK this month to replace our broken digital. Any suggestions on a good one that can take video??


Week 21

Whopper of a Monday

23 Jun

Today’s been a day.  This morning our hot water heater gave out. We knew this was coming. We purchased a home warranty policy for this very occasion. We thought it would happen last year but the old girl held out, until today. All I have to say is thank goodness for home warranty policies. They rock! The old gal was from 1972! Hard to believe she lasted so long. We have  brand new heater and it is even has its own seat belt.  In earthquake country you have to make sure everything is nailed down. Too bad our house isn’t. But that is another story for another time.

Second thing that happened didn’t really happen to me or Eli but rather I had the fine opportunity to witness to chicks argue loudly on BART this morning. During the rush hour commute, standing next to where I am sitting and I am trying to take my morning snooze before 8 grueling hours of work. Highly, highly annoying! Finally the two biotches sat down and seemed to settle whatever dispute they had going on between the two of them. Part of me wonders if it was just for show since they had a quite the audience. But who knows.

The third thing still has me rattled but I am doing everything I can to remain positive. I got a call from my doctor this afternoon telling me that the results from the 1st trimester screening for down’s came back really low. 1/180.  We were orginally told that the results were 1/1180 and we thought we were in the clear and all is good. I was even poo-pooing this second round of testing that I have to do because everything was okay. Since the number is so low, my doctor is urging us to meet with a genetic counselor and to get the second round of blood tests done. So, tomorrow I am getting my arse up bright and early to lap corp to get this second round of testing done and making an appointment with a genetic counselor and a possible amino.  The thought of having anything less then a happy, healthy baby scares the shit out of me.  Hopefully the numbers will come back higher this time around and all will be good again.

I am feeling the baby move more and more each day.  It seems to happen at the same time every day although today I felt some thumps during the work day and as I was sitting down to eat my dinner, which is new. Normally, I can feel the little one move in the morning when I am sitting in my car or on BART. I wonder if it is the motion or the way I am sitting.  It truly is the most amazing feeling in the world.

Did she really just say that??

9 Jun

Friday evening  I went to get my haircut. This cut was waaay overdue since it had been since January that I had it cut last. I found out about a week ago that my hairstylist I’d been seeing for about a year left to go have her third baby. The receptionist kindly recommended someone who was great with longer hair and she had an appointment coming up and I said sure.

The haircut was good and relaxing.  A good amount of chatter but not too much. I am not much of a chatterbox when I am partaking in any sort of pampering, that also includes my eyebrow waxings. It’s nap time people!

So the chatting that we did do was centered around my pregnancy and when the baby is due.  I started to share some quotes of friends who have said that since the baby is due on “black friday” any day after that, we will get such great prices on gifts because of the after thanksgiving sales that go on. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the part about the great sales because the stylist immediately said that the kid would be “jewed” on gifts.    (cue in record scratching). WHAAAT?! I tuned everything out after this because I was replaying the conversation over and over and over in my head. Every repeat came to the same result of her saying “jewed” as in gyped as in cheated out of gifts.  I did my best to maintain composure and made the decision to confront her but only when the haircut was done and my hair was dried and styled.  No need to mess this part up or make it uncomfortable.

Once the appointment was over, I did stop and asked her what she said when I was talking about the due date and the holidays. I point blank asked her if she said “jewed”. She fumbled around, looked embrassed and tried to explain what she meant while denying she said it.  I just looked at her and said okay, I was just checking because I thought I heard you say that and just wanted to make sure I misunderstood you.

I still believe she said it and now I am on the hunt for another hairstylist.